On dark poetry.

[A poem, written in the dark after bedtime.]

the irreversible sleep,
the irreversible sleep.
O, death!

On our daughter, Erik Selvig.

Hey mum! Look at this… [She shows me a long list of names.] It’s a list of all the people that are my BFF’s.

That’s cool, kiddo. 

I also have badges. As members of The List, they will be entitled to wear them when they come over.

[I look down, and am astonished to note that she is not wearing any pants.]

Dude! Where are your pants?

Oh, I took them off. I’m airing out the privates. [Beat]

And quite honestly, it helps me work better.

Erik Selvig, noted physicist and repudiator of pants

Erik Selvig, noted physicist and repudiator of pants

On the fourth/fifth estate.

[We have been discussing the events in Ferguson.]

They are arresting JOURNALISTS?! That is completely wrong!

On more things I may not be ready to deal with.

[We are watching Henry IV, Part 2. Hal and Ned are hanging around in towels at the bath house.]

Mum! They are not wearing any shirts!

That is true. It’s a bath house – there wouldn’t have been indoor plumbing in those days, so those types of places would have been quite useful.

I know that! But… they filmed the actors not wearing their shirts. I wonder if that embarrassed them?

Maybe. But they are actors in character, and this gives us a good glimpse into the time period.

Hal’s chest is really quite nice.

Said chest, at left.

On cowardice.

Jack Falstaff is a complete coward. It makes me wonder how he ever had the courage to rob anybody.

That is a good point.

But I suppose he only ever picked an easy mark. For example, he wouldn’t pick the King’s carriage – it would be too well defended.

On grand aspirations.

Mum. I wish my life was a Shakespeare play.

That’s interesting. How come?

Because then I could go to the theatre and watch my life from the very beginning. I hope I would be the hero, like Hal.

On a freakish memory.

[Allie is in the tub and I am leafing through the collected works of Shakespeare.]

I heard you laugh. Why were you laughing?

[I read aloud from Henry IV, Part I...]

“Were’t not for laughing, I should pity him.”


Do you remember what’s happening?

YES. Hal and Poins have just set upon Falstaff after the robbery in the woods.


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