On What The Hell?

[Allie has been blasting Adele’s “21” on repeat. She pauses and comes into the office.]

You know, the lyrics to these songs don’t sound like an actual adult. They are more dramatic and immature – kind of like a teenager. I mean, I still like it, but…

On wishful thinking.

Hey buddy, I think your music may be a little loud.

WHAT???? Sorry, could you speak up?

Ha. I think your music might be a bit loud – especially since you couldn’t hear me.

Oh, come on, Mum – it’s not too loud, I’m practically a teenager in most respects!

On strategies.

Sometimes I recite the St. Crispin’s Day speech under my breath while I work on Math problems because it helps me think.

On the humour of it.

Arrrrgh! I’m getting distracted by Shakespeare AGAIN!


On advanced note-taking.


Did you know I can take my Cornell notes in the dark? The computer gives off enough light, and this way, I can see the details of Professor Cox’s presentation better.

On genuinely spectacular eyerolls.

[We are leaving dance, and Allie is not pleased about it.]

Argggg I wish I could stay all night – now I have to wait until TOMORROW to go back.

That’s true, but you have modern to look forward to in the meantime.

Mum. You are aware, aren’t you, that just saying a word with particular emphasis doesn’t make my frustration any easier, or tomorrow arrive any faster. You cannot alter space-time with a mere¬†word.

On leaving one’s room.

UGH, yes! Let’s go. For I need to get out of this pestilential place!


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